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Hi I’m Rob Smith, owner and head coach at Integrated Active. I’m passionate about making a genuine change in the lives of my clients, by improving their health and fitness.

I take a unique approach towards health, focusing on both the mental and physical aspects of behaviour change. My background in psychology aids my approach and helps my clients gain an understanding of their health behaviours, so they learn to effectively change their lifestyle for good.

I combine this lifestyle coaching with personalised education and fitness training to get clients looking, feeling and moving better.

My personal style is encouraging, caring and honest. I aim to bring out your best and create a fun atmosphere where you can feel safe to be real.

I have several long term clients who’ve successfully achieved their initial physical goals and have subsequently transformed their lives in other areas, beyond fitness. These amazing transformations have strengthened my belief that better health so often leads to a better life. You can see these stories within my clients' reviews on google, as well as their testimonials below.

Coaching and training programs are held in my fully private studio, at Glenhaven. My services include one-on-one private coaching as well as semi-private training options. All of which can all be made by appointment, at a time most convenient for your schedule. Please see below for more details on coaching and training services.

Your Coach: Rob Smith

Hi I'm Rob, the head coach at Integrated Active and am a fully qualified Master Level 1 Personal Trainer, with the Australia Institute of Fitness.

I believe that to be your best and have a fulfilling life, you must be healthy and active. There is a positive effect that extends beyond the body when it comes to being fit and healthy. Your psychical health and fitness provides a vehicle that influences your mind, mood and spirit. Only the body has such a expansive and important effect on who we are and how we live our lives.

I'm also a firm believer that no matter how complicated or difficult health and fitness may appear to be, everyone can improve their health with the right habits, the right plan and lots of positive encouragement.

I've had over 10 years experience in the area of health and fitness. I'm passionate about guiding people to better their health, enjoy the process and actually keep it up for the rest of their life.

I'm also a Type 1 Diabetic and have over 16 years experience living with this condition day to day. This allows me to help other Diabetics get active and be their support as they build the habits they need to get in control of this condition. It's not always easy staying healthy as a diabetic, but it's even more important than for a non diabetic.

It's also taught me the practical value of being personally engaged with being healthy and spending a bit of discipline for the right reasons.

I've had an interest in teaching from a young age and completed an Honours degree in Psychology from Macquarie University. I wanted to put this into practice in an area I cared most about - physical health. While clinical psychology was not for me, I still wanted to apply my knowledge of human behaviour into helping people get active and healthy.

This psychological perspective in regards to practical behaviour change has been invaluable with my clients over the last few years.

I'm happy to help you as well! So if you have questions about getting active, eating well, or how to be more disciplined with your health, send me an email.

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Linda, Graphic Designer
Steve, Managing Director Security and Investigations
Christian, IT Professional
Sonya, Office Fitout Specialist
Martin, Company Director
Rob, Business Manager
Vanessa, Swimming Coach
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